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Are you a counselling or mental health professional seeking clinical consultation to enrich your clinical work? Do you want support and discussions regarding psychopathology and your clients?


I have been approached by many counsellors who feel isolated in private practice or are in professional settings where limited or non-existent supports exist. Counsellors often encounter clients with disorders and want increased collegiality to engage in case review. I work with a variety of counselling and mental health practitioners such as RSWs, RCSWs, RCCs, CCCs and RPCs to assist with exploring and understanding DSM related disorders, psychotropic medications, and the Mental Health Act of British Columbia.

What Clinical Consultation IS:


My extensive experience working in acute psychiatry, and community mental health allows me to share,
support and inform the counselling service community to which I belong. I believe it is important for
mental health practitioners to have an understanding of what clinical consultation includes and how it
can enrich your practice. It may consist of such things as:


  • In-depth understanding and application of the Mental Status Exam (MSE)

  • Understanding the appropriate use of the DSM within counselling practice

  • How to navigate through the DSM for private practice

  • Benefits of the DSM such as how it facilitates assessment, enable standardized communication between professionals and assists scientific research.

  • The potential negative impact of DSM such as labeling, stigmatization, need to consider co-morbidity and concurrent disorders, need for diversity considerations.

  • Support counsellors to have an understanding of when a referral may be needed if beyond the scope of practice

  • Assist counselors to understand the illness when a DSM diagnosis is made

  • Tips for counsellors regarding psychotropic medication

  • Recognize signs of drug effects and where to access relevant information

  • Understanding and navigating the BC Mental Health Act and such topics as voluntary and involuntary hospitalization.

  • Inquiries with challenging DSM related diagnosis such as Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder or Psychosis

What Clinical Consultation Is NOT:


  • A means to find a formal DSM diagnosis for your client(s).

  • A way to enhance your client’s access to psychiatrists or hospitalization.

  • Direct assessment and consultation with your client(s). For this to occur, I would need to have them as my client (which includes the consent process).

  • Counselling or supervision for the counsellor.


My Consultation Philosophy


My philosophy is that the bedrock of effective clinical consultation is a climate of trust, collaboration, and safety. Collaboration enhances dialogue, psychoeducation, and exploration of resources and options. While I will present ideas, suggestions, options  and assist in understanding clinical scenarios from various viewpoints, I do not give specific advice regarding your client’s situation. It is not ethical or responsible for doing so when I have not met your client(s). Cases will be discussed without any identifying information.


Format and Cost


Sessions can be 50 minutes in length and can be an in-person clinical consultation in my Coquitlam office or by phone and are available to BC area counsellors or mental health professionals in all parts of British Columbia. If less or more time is required, this can be discussed to find what best works for you.


Regrets, consultation is only available for therapists working with adult populations.

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